At BARREL HORSES BROKERS we take pride in offering professional equine
marketing services in order to help you with selling your barrel racing, rodeo or
performance horse(s). We offer prospects to finished horses for sale at all times
and are also willing to assist you with finding your next winner!

When listing a horse for sale at Barrel Horse Brokers, we take care of all the
necessary advertising of your horse and buyer related inquiries. Using our
services helps alleviate some of the unnecessary hassles and frustrations that
can come with being a "seller" in the horse-industry. If we refer a buyer or sell
your horse for you, we simply ask for a 10% commission-fee based on the sale
price of the horse in exchange for our efforts. If your horse is listed for sale with
us, but during that time you sell your horse through your own contacts/resources,
no fee is charged.

We work very hard on your behalf to make sure that your horse gets the exposure
it deserves and is placed in the right home. We have been running this advertising
program for over 10-years now and it has grown to become a very popular
resource to trainers and horse enthusiasts on an international level. We have
valued customers and strong business relations throughout the U.S., Canada,
Brazil, Europe and Australia. Janelle & myself are veteran barrel racing/rodeo
competitors that have years of experience in breeding and training horses.

If you have any questions or are interested in listing a horse for sale with us feel free
to send us a message & we will get back to you as soon as possible.
* There is no initial listing-fee to advertise a horse for sale with us at Barrel Horse
Brokers under our barrel and performance horse consignment program. However,
upon completion of the sale of your horse, we ask for the industry standard, a 10%
commission fee based on the sale-price of the horse.

* If your horse is listed for sale with us at Barrel Horse Brokers but during that time
you sell your horse on your own through your own contacts/resources, no
commission fee is charged and your horse is simply removed from our program.

* We get to know your horse as best as we can by asking questions and thoroughly
studying all of the information you provide. We ask that you provide us with good
quality photos and videos of your horse as well as the horse's pedigree (if registered)
for us to use for advertising purposes.

* As part of our service we market your horse(s) to our own clientele that we have
established over the years as well as various rodeo competitors and barrel
racing/performance horse trainers on an international level. We use our personal
website, social media and various other forms of online and traditional advertising
to market your horses to the public. We handle all forwarding of information,
telephone and e-mail inquiries and can also be of assistance in
helping to arrange equine transport to the horse's new horse if necessary.
Janelle Baxter
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Cassandra Shendruk
Williams Lake, BC Canada
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ph: (250)-398-8159



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